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Unseasonably warm temperatures have already caused specialty apparel retailers to lose more than $500 million in sales this holiday season.

Mathematics has always been an important part of anything involving money. But in 2015, banks were doing a very different type of addition, uniting forces by merging. Others rolled out new branches, sometimes heading for the Big Apple.


THE POPULARITY OF real estate investment trusts (REITs) as an investment vehicle in today's marketplace has made the opportunity for REITs to become publicly traded companies more enticing.


Year-end is a perfect time to review your business plans to ensure success for the future. These Top 10 year-end planning strategies for law firms will help you address your short-term and long-term goals to lay the groundwork for future growth and profitability.


This was not a terrible year. About a year ago, we indicated that 2015 was poised to be the best year of the recovery thus far. Remarkably, we appear to be correct. The International Monetary Fund recently issued their estimate for U.S. economic growth for this year.


The unseasonably warm weather has left some people feeling cold about holiday shopping.


Back in Kitson's heyday, paparazzi staked out the boutique chain to snap photos of tabloid-fodder shoppers like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.


Whether you're fleeing a war-torn country or seeking a lucrative Silicon Valley tech career, it can take years to obtain permanent residency in the U.S., the first solid step toward citizenship.


This October, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for new federal rules that will affect the wages paid to live-in home health aides.


For many companies, year-end is prime time for charitable giving… Keep in mind, though, there are different rules for different corporate structures, says Diane Giordano, a tax and business services partner at Marcum LLP in Melville.


Corporations continue to use big civil legal settlements with federal regulators as a way to deduct billions of dollars from their American tax bills, largely because the regulators fail to forbid the practice in the terms of the settlements.


Heading into 2016, there will continue to be an urge to merge in the accounting industry as regional firms look to expand their footprints and practice areas and aging sole proprietors and small firm partners seek an exit strategy, as well as the resources of a larger firm.


The Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (179D) is a section of the tax code that rewards the design and installation of energy-efficient interior lighting, HVAC or building envelope systems in commercial buildings.


Marcum LLP, a national accounting and advisory services firm, announced that it will merge with DGLF CPAs & Business Advisors, a full-service accounting firm specializing in construction and real estate, with offices in Nashville, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida.


Is gathering all the information about ancillary services for Part A residents really necessary? Or is it just busy work?


Marcum, a national accounting and advisory services firm with a significant presence in Hartford, continues its expansion. It has added a multi-state CPA firm to its ranks.


Marcum LLP has expanded its construction practice by merging in DGLF CPAs & Business Advisors, a firm with offices in Nashville, Tenn., and Orlando, Fla.


"Our industry needs to consolidate. We were an awkward size," says Jim Smart, co-founder with Richard Devine of Smart, Devine & Co.


New York-based Marcum (FY14 net revenue of $385 million) announced that it will merge in Philadelphia-based Smart, Devine & Company (FY14 net revenue of $15.5 million), effective Dec. 1.


Millions of shoppers will fight through tryptophan-induced comas and head to the stores on Thanksgiving Day, or set their alarms for daybreak on Black Friday.


New York-based accounting and consulting firm Marcum will complete its second major acquisition in the Philadelphia market when it merges with Smart Devine & Co., effective Dec. 1.


As a director of tax and business services at Marcum LLP in New Haven, Ann (Martino) Arpino '84 helps clients successfully manage their businesses. As an accounting professional with 30-plus years of experience, Arpino enjoys helping women successfully manage their careers.


New York City-based Marcum, with major operations in Melville, announced today it will merge with Philadelphia-based Smart, Devine & Co., effective Dec. 1.


Marcum LLP confirmed on Friday its merger with Smart, Devine & Company, LLC, an accounting and consulting firm based in Philadelphia, effective Dec. 1, 2015.


Accountants and financial advisors are changing the advice they give to some clients amid new Social Security regulations and the uncertainty over other aspects of that program in the future.


For the retailers that have been knocking on death's door, this holiday shopping season has taken on an added sense of urgency.


Smart Devine, a regional CPA firm in Philadelphia, is joining Top 100 firm Marcum LLP, based in New York.


New York-based Marcum (FY14 gross revenue of $385 million) performed more audits in connection with Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) than all other non-Big 4 accounting firms year-to-date.


Accounting firm Marcum has expanded into the Midwest, by merging Illinois-based Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt into its operations as of Nov. 1.


An independent Deerfield accounting firm founded 60 years ago is celebrating its anniversary by selling to a larger, New York-based firm.


Marcum LLP, a top national accounting and advisory services firm, has acquired Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt, P.C. (FROST), a full-service accounting firm with offices in Chicago and Deerfield, Illinois. The merger became effective November 1.


Beginning in 2018, employers who offer high-cost health plans will face the ‘Cadillac' tax—a 40 percent excise tax levied on individual insurance plans costing $10,200 or more, and family plans costing $27,500 and up.


Top 100 Firm Marcum LLP announced that it has merged with Illinois-based accounting firm Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt PC, as of November 1.


The federal government is expanding its health care fraud efforts on both the criminal and civil sides, signaling a much more aggressive effort to pursue actions under the False Claims Act and the federal Anti-Kickback Statute.


Outdoor gear and sporting goods retailer REI is canceling Black Friday this year. No promotions, no hourly sales, no doorbusters, no waiting in line.


One of the foundations for South Florida's economy is the inbound flow of global commercial and real estate investments.


Lord & Taylor on Monday became the latest department store to throw its hat into the off-price ring, saying it plans to open its first Find @ Lord & Taylor location in Paramus, New Jersey, next month, with six more stores slated for next year.


It's about to get a lot harder to buy a green card. The U.S. government runs a program that grants permanent residency to foreigners who sink at least $500,000 into a job-creating investment.


Conventional wisdom holds that there are large skill shortages facing the U.S. construction industry now and into the future. Underlying this wisdom is a set of facts and a group of anecdotes.


Marcum LLP and the Connecticut Technology Council announced the winners of the 2015 Marcum Tech Top 40, an annual awards program recognizing the fastest-growing technology companies in Connecticut.


The accounting industry is growing—and looking for more help. Of the 30 firms on Crain's list, 22 have expanded their total of New York-area professionals in the past year, culminating in an 11.4% overall growth rate.


Fraud and abuse costs U.S. organizations more than $400 billion annually, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.


Continuity is one of 40 companies honored in six industries by the Marcum Tech Top 40.


The Marcum Tech Top 40 honors Connecticut companies for revenue growth in software, Internet and telecom, energy, life sciences and advanced manufacturing. Companies with at least $50,000 in revenue in 2010 and at least $3 million in 2014 were eligible.


The Tech Top 40, now in its eighth year, is a joint effort between the Connecticut Technology Council and Marcum LLP, a large New York City-based firm with whose 23 accounting and advisory services in the United States and abroad include a New Haven location.


The decisions in Obergefell v. Hodges and United States v. Windsor have now set the stage for a multitude of changes in actions, options, and necessary planning decisions. While some issues remain unresolved, the two landmark decisions have established that same-sex couples now have all of the rights and responsibilities that have been available to heterosexual couples with respect to marriage.


Recently, my spouse and I decided to move to a new home - a relatively new experience, since we had lived in the same home for 23 years. We thought everything was under control as we had done this before. We hired the best moving company, and we hired the best home inspector to examine our new home.


The "app economy" is gaining a foothold on Long Island as companies such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc. offer on-demand services to clients and fresh income and flexible hours to workers.


A change in estate planning regulations is expected, possibly as early as mid-September, prompting some high-net-worth individuals to act now to take advantage of something called valuation discounts - before they are reduced or eliminated altogether.


Can any part of a payment, or payments, made to settle a partners' dispute, including the redemption of a recalcitrant partner's interest, provide an ordinary current deduction for the remaining partners?


Some recent high-profile U.S. Supreme Court decisions have clarified the tax situations for many clients of financial advisors.


Helen Liao, CPA is a partner in Marcum LLP's technical review and quality control group. Liao specializes in public clients that file reports with SEC and International exchanges.


This year is supposed to be the year that the U.S. economic recovery kicks into high gear. Of course, last year was, too. So was 2013. In fact, the U.S. economy failed to engage any gear other than reverse during the first three months of the year, with gross domestic product (GDP) shrinking 0.7 percent on an annualized basis during that period.


Lowe's Home Improvement is entering the competitive Manhattan retail market for the first time this summer with the opening of two new stores, a move that hints at how the chain is remodeling its broader retail strategy to capture growing U.S. urban markets.


While you spend your weekends enjoying the summer sun, your accountant may be slaving over your business' taxes.


Accounting firms can do a lot more than just file taxes and produce audits. Many also offer consulting services in fields as widespread as special education and cybersecurity.


The Internal Revenue Service clarified a number of issues concerning the taxation of bitcoin and other "cryptocurrency" last year in Notice 2014-21.


Los Angeles fashion firm Guess Inc., known for its tight jeans and beach babe models, is replacing co-founder Paul Marciano with a new chief executive from outside the company.


A diversity of business sectors, ample capital held by investor groups, and demographic factors are some key drivers behind a robust mergers-and-acquisitions scene in Orange County.


We have got accountants who need to do tax returns, maybe amended tax returns, maybe review past tax returns. And we have got lawyers who need to review estate planning documents, you know, what do you need to do going forward, what do you have in place until now, so there's a lot that's going to change


The recent Supreme Court decision that legalized same sex marriage nationwide also made it a lot easier for those married couples to file their taxes.


One of the more challenging issues an accountant or attorney will face is when a client receives a notice from the Internal Revenue Service assessing additional tax, penalties and interest.


Jeffrey Weiner joined Marcum in 1981 and has served as Managing Partner since 1990. In 2013, Weiner was voted one of the accounting industry's Top Five Most Admired Peers in a national poll by Inside Public Accounting.


On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution requires all states in the union to license marriage between two people and requires all states to recognize marriages lawfully performed in another state or country. Regardless of each person's gender, all people have a right to marry.


At Pride events in New York City this weekend, the emotional excitement about marriage equality was evident. But many people also were thrilled about the practical considerations.


In a much anticipated move on Friday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal nationwide. That means that the 13 states that previously banned same-sex marriage will no longer be able to do so. It will be unconstitutional to deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.


The Supreme Court's decision to legalize same sex marriage could make an impact in the nation's economy because of the shifted tax consequences.


The Supreme Court's decision to legalize same sex marriage could make an impact in the nation's economy because of the shifted tax consequences.


After the Supreme Court's decision that same-sex couples have a right to wed, state officials, couples, lawyers and financial planners began considering a host of practical issues.


Tax and Estate Planning experts from the Modern Family & LGBT Services Practice group at Marcum LLP responded to the financial implications of today's U.S. Supreme Court decision establishing same-sex marriage as a legal right in all 50 states.


There are financial implications for individuals and businesses following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that legalizes same-sex marriage nationwide. Janice Cowhey, a partner at Marcum, said the ruling will impact the economy and that the marriage business will boom.


The Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples have a right to marry could bring some big financial changes.


The Supreme Court today delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live and that states may no longer reserve the right only for heterosexual couples.


The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide will remove tax and personal-finance headaches that have bedeviled gay couples.


The Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex marriage nationwide will remove tax and personal-finance headaches that have bedeviled gay couples.


Coming into 2015, many economists were forecasting above 3 percent growth. Some still are. Tailwinds, such as a booming stock market, lower fuel prices, rapid job growth, and early evidence of sharper wage gains, led forecasters to believe that 2015 was shaping up to be the best year for the economy since 2005, the last year the U.S. economy expanded more than 3 percent over the course of a calendar year (at 3.4 percent).


John Swirsding has joined New York-based Marcum LLP as an assurance services partner in the firm's Philadelphia office.


The LGBT community is anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court decision, expected imminently, that may finally establish same-sex marriage as a civil right in all 50 states. But regardless of how the court decides, married same-sex couples still have to be vigilant and proactive in how they protect their financial assets and plan for the future.


There is one big advantage 23-year-old Clint Morrison has found joining his family's business fresh upon graduating from Rider University: he has a job, while most of his friends do not.


As CEO of Lehman Brothers in 2008, Richard Fuld presided over one of the most stunning failures in modern finance. This week, at his first public appearance in around six years, he said that his firm actually wasn't crumbling all those years ago.


Richard Fuld Jr., the man at the helm of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. when it collapsed in 2008, said a "perfect storm" of events caused the financial crisis.


The former Lehman Brothers CEO spoke Thursday in a public forum for the first time since the bank's 2008 collapse. "You don't have the time to hear all the things I would have done differently," he said.


Kate Kelly talks with with David Bukzin, partner-in-charge of the SEC practice group of the accounting and advisory firm Marcum LLP, at the firm's fourth annual Marcum MicroCap Conference, about opportunities in the microcap space and why they chose Dick Fuld, former Lehman Brothers CEO, to deliver the keynote.


CNBC broadcasted live from the 2015 Marcum MicroCap Conference, reporting several stories throughout the day.


In an appearance marking his return to the public eye, Richard Fuld Jr. insisted he doesn't want to play "woulda, coulda, shoulda" about the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.


After nearly seven years of public silence, Richard S. Fuld Jr., the former chief executive of Lehman Brothers, had a lot to say.


Dick Fuld, the chief executive who presided over the implosion of Lehman Brothers, used his first voluntary public appearance since 2008 to blame the US government for fuelling the financial crisis and ordering the closure of his investment bank.


Fuld's comments marked his first public remarks since being grilled by investigators on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in 2010.


In his first public remarks since Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, former CEO Richard Fuld said no single factor caused the 2008 financial crisis that destroyed Lehman.


Diane Giordano, a partner at Marcum in Melville, has seen a cross-section of companies qualify for credits. A recycler extracting precious metals from computers, a furniture firm improving software to design furniture and a company that switched to rice flour to make gluten-free cookies top the list.


Douglas McMillon has urged investors to be patient as he has tried to turn around Walmart's (WMT) financial fortunes ever since he was named CEO of the world's largest retailer in 2013.


National accounting firm Marcum LLP has named John Eckweiler, a partner in its Irvine office, partner-in-charge of tax and business services for its California operations.


It's clear that the U.S. capital markets are back to robust levels by any metric, closing banner year after banner year in which deal volume, number of IPOs, dollar amount raised, and so forth continue to rise by healthy growth rates.


The U.S. economy is back; well kind-of. While we're not talking about the expansion witnessed through 1998-1999, the U.S. economy is gaining momentum after a prolonged slow recovery from the 2007 economic recession.


Smartly setting up trusts requires knowledge of state tax laws, not just federal rules.


Rorrie Gregorio, National Partner-in-Charge of the Marcum Family Office Group at Marcum LLP, has been named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Private Wealth by Private Asset Management magazine.


Marcum Assurance Services Partner Nanette Lee Miller and Tax Partner Janis Cowhey, co-leaders of the Firm's LGBT & Non-Traditional Families Practice group, were quoted in a May 11 article by Eric Kroh for Law360, entitled, "Tax Tips for Same-Sex Couples Awaiting High Court Decision.


The recent rise in the value of the U.S. dollar is a nice thing for those who travel abroad, but Connecticut exporters have been taking it on the chin.


Top 100 Firm Marcum LLP has launched a television advertising campaign in key markets across the United States.

The Ask Marcum campaign, which also includes print, digital and billboard ads, showcases Marcum's expertise as a leading accounting and advisory firm serving public and private middle-market companies, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.


Whether you're an issuer or an investor, playing in the microcap arena can be riskier than with other forms of investment, at times significantly so. Many microcap stocks are traded over the counter, directly between brokers and dealers.


When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conducts audits of joint tax returns, whether for same-sex couples or traditional heterosexual couples, the starting assumption of the government is that both taxpayers are jointly and severally liable for any tax or penalty assessed. That means that both of the taxpayers will be held accountable without regard to whose income was understated or whose expenses were overstated.


Frederick's of Hollywood Group Inc., a Los Angeles lingerie brand that struggled to compete with rival Victoria's Secret, has closed all of its stores and will do business only online.


A necessary burden for most Americans, Tax Day is an accounting nightmare for thousands of gay and lesbian couples as they wrestle with the uneven legal status of same-sex marriage in the United States.


Whether you're ahead of the game or procrastinate until the last minute, filing your income taxes is rarely a gratifying experience, even in the best of circumstances.

The mere mention of April 15 may be enough to prompt visions of gloom and doom in even the most tenacious of individuals, but there are still a handful of ways for everyone to make Tax Day a bit less irksome.


While there is no doubt that technology makes people's lives easier, it also provides a way for criminals to take advantage of all of the information that is stored on computers, phones, tablets and business IT systems


The NYSSCPA has given its support to a Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) proposal that would require master-feeder funds to provide financial statements, saying the move would codify what had long been standard industry practice and would boost transparency.


Nathan's Famous stockholders recently had a big payday when the firm shelled out $116 million to pay a $25-pershare special dividend as of March 20.


National accounting and advisory services firm Marcum LLP has named Jeffrey C. Solomon as Connecticut partner-in-charge of assurance services.


Richard Fuld Jr., who was chief executive of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., has been largely out of the public eye since the firm collapsed in 2008.


The U.S. dollar is sailing at a 12-year high. A strong greenback means that if you travel overseas, hotels and restaurant dinners are cheaper. It also means raw materials produced overseas, such as fabric, zippers and buttons, have suddenly gone on sale.


Just the phrase "Monte Carlo" invites images of glamorous women and debonair men gathered around a baccarat table - ah, the glories of James Bond. While most of us will never see the inside of Casino de Monte-Carlo, it's a safe bet that we will run across a Monte Carlo simulation.


Heather Bearfield, National Technology Assurance Practice Group Leader, was interviewed about Corporate Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities by


Ron Friedman, a retail consultant for accounting and advisory firm Marcum LLP, touts the Kit and Ace strategy as the "future of apparel."


There can be several tax consequences as a result of a transfer of a partnership interest during the year. This article discusses some of those tax issues applicable to the partnership.


The annual anguish of tax filing may be a bit more painful this year for some taxpayers, as new regulations adopted by the Internal Revenue Service will require an additional form to be filed by taxpayers in every industry.


Total nonresidential construction spending was 6.6 percent higher in 2014 than in 2013 on a nonseasonally adjusted basis, with all signs pointing toward continued construction spending growth in 2015.


The world of consumer goods and retail has been heating up and has clearly become one of the fastest growing and most vibrant business sectors in Southern California. The landscape of managing such businesses has rapidly evolved as well - with laws, regulatory protocols, best practices, consumer and business needs and industry trends seemingly changing by the season.


After a challenging start to the year, the nation's economy came racing back as the final snows melted in early 2014. Construction projects that were delayed by the harsh winter got underway, auto sales surged, and people began to dine out, shop, and generally engage in business activity. The impact of ongoing economic progress can be viewed through multiple lenses, including from the perspective of labor market performance.


Jeffrey Solomon has been admitted as Connecticut PIC of assurance services by New York-based Marcum LLP (FY13 net revenue of $350.2 million). Based in New Haven, Conn., Solomon will additionally be responsible for assurance services to clients of the firm's Hartford and Greenwich, Conn., offices.


If you're a billionaire living in Connecticut, chances are the tax department is keeping an eye on you.

In a state home to some of the richest Americans, tax officials go to some lengths to keep them - or, more accurately, keep the billions of dollars in revenue their income taxes generate.


After nearly 1,000 comment letter s, with 350 letters from the construction industry alone, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) published a new joint standard on revenue recognition, replacing most of the existing guidance and taking a major step toward converging Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States (U.S. GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


This year, for the first time, the health insurance taxpayers carry may directly affect the size of the tax refund they receive from the Internal Revenue Service.

Confused? You're not alone.


When a trust is a resident trust under a state's law, the state may tax the trust's entire income. Double taxation becomes a concern because trust residency laws vary so much among the states that a trust may be considered a resident trust in more than one state, and thus, taxable on its entire income in multiple states.


Although the last two years have brought significant clarity at the state level regarding married, samesex couples' filing status, many same-sex couples will still be unable to file joint state returns in 2015, leaving them restricted to filing separately or unsure as to their appropriate filing status.


Just as we should all be going to our family doctors as we get older to make sure we are healthy and in good physical condition, everyone should also periodically have a financial checkup, including a review of your estate plan and your estate planning documents, including wills and trusts.


After a challenging start to the year, the nation's economy came racing back as the final snows melted in early 2014. Construction projects that were delayed by the harsh winter got underway, auto sales surged, and people began to dine out, shop, and generally engage in business activity.


With 36 states now legalizing same-sex marriage, many newly wedded gay and lesbian couples will be filing joint tax returns for the first time this year. For some, it could mean being bumped to a higher tax bracket or getting a bigger refund. For those who live or work in states that don't recognize gay marriage, it could mean filling out multiple returns.


Top 100 Power Leaders working in South Florida's burgeoning business community. These are the region's top executives - those with a consistent track record of excellence anchored on their innovative ideas, leadership skills and business acumen.


What a difference two months makes. On Nov. 10, an Oklahoma judge decreed that Harold Hamm's 62 percent stake in pipeline system Hiland Partners LP was worth $248 million. Richard Kinder thinks it's worth $1.4 billion.


Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service Revenue Ruling 2013-17, the place of celebration determines a same-sex couple's marital status for federal tax purposes. That means as long as a couple was legally married in a state or another country that allows same-sex marriage, the IRS will recognize such marriage.


The Supreme Court's decision to decide whether the U.S. Constitution requires each state to recognize same-sex marriage sent a buzz through the Bay Area's financial community on Friday.


The recent run-up of the stock market has created both an opportunity and need for tax strategizing. Varying yield scenarios and tax implications unique to a bull market can and should affect investors' decisions. Industry insiders, however, caution investors not to let the tax tail wag the dog.


Although the last two years have brought significant clarity at the state level regarding married, same-sex couples' filing status, many same-sex couples are still unable to file joint state returns in 2015.


Florida became the 36th state to allow same-sex marriage this week and, with wedding bells ringing, there are a couple of things for newlywed or about-to-be-wed same-sex couples to consider on the tax and estate planning front. With marriage comes paperwork.


Growth planning plays a vital role in the success of your business. But before you can sit down and say, "This is how we want to grow," it is important to understand why you want to grow. You want to make money, but that can't be the only consideration.


As Benjamin Franklin famously observed, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Obviously, Franklin wasn't referring to business valuation where taxation is one of the most uncertain elements in the process.


Orange County retailer Wet Seal Inc. pioneered the quick translation of Southern California's beachy lifestyle into fashions for young women. But now it is trying to avoid drowning in the competitive teen marketplace.


Joseph Perry, Firmwide Partner-in-Charge of Tax & Business Services, discusses the outlook for tax reform and regulatory changes in 2015.


In the past 10 years, the number of professionals who dabble in litigation support has increased. The quality of the work suffers because those who dabble often do not do the extensive work necessary and the layperson only focuses on the fees charged.


The appropriate cost of capital for an investment is a common issue attorneys encounter in business appraisals for litigation, estate tax, gift tax, and bankruptcy as well as lost profits.


Not too hot and not too cold.

That's the so-called Goldilocks economy, where it's not so hot there's inflation risk and not so cold that the economy is in danger of a recession.


No one likes to think about taxes, and we're all tempted to postpone our tax planning until the last possible moment. SmartCEO gathered some of Philadelphia's top tax advisors to make the case that being prepared early for events such as an audit, a CEO succession or an acquisition can significantly increase benefits and reduce your liability risk. The experts also share their insight into how you can lower the risk of fraud at your company.


Planning for a merger or acquisition takes time and due diligence on the parts of both the buyer and seller to ensure a smooth and successful deal. SmartCEO gathered the top experts in M&A advisory as well as experienced buyers and sellers to discuss their thoughts on growth strategies and how to execute a successful merger through careful evaluation and diligent planning.





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