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In the interview, Mr. Friedman said, “I think the consumer is still very nervous. We have an election year coming up. We have a major deficit problem to deal with.”


In the article, Mr. Friedman said, “With the help of carefully planned discounts throughout the season, many retailers have been steadily clearing through their holiday merchandise in the weeks after Thanksgiving.”


Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan unveiled earlier this month amounts to yet another tax on businesses – businesses that make jobs and contribute to our state’s long-term growth and competitiveness.


Here’s an extreme example. A widow recently got the big news that she got $500,000 in royalties for the rights to make a movie out of a book written by her late husband.


In the article, Mr. Friedman said, “The next few weeks will tell whether the price will hold or not.” He said it’s a difficult equities market and growth rates will be “very hard to maintain. I don’t think apparel stocks overall do that great at these multiples.”


In the article, Mr. Ashe said, “And even when there are records to work with, they may not always be reliable. For that reason, Giddens and his staff will have to go through the tedious process of verifying transactions and making sure that the records are accurate.


James Ashe, Partner-in-Charge, Advisory Services, was interviewed on "Morning Edition" on National Public Radio regarding the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines.


James Ashe, Partner-in-Charge, Advisory Services, was interviewed on “The Hays Advantage” on Bloomberg Radio regarding the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines.


In the article, Mr. Friedman says, “People have had so many years of recession that they want to spend money and feel good about themselves, and many people have set money aside and are paying off their credit cards more, so people can spend a little bit more than last year.”


Ronald Friedman, head of the retail practice and partner-in-charge of the Southern California region for Marcum LLP, was interviewed on The Wall Street Journal Radio Network’s “Your Money Matters” radio show about his outlook for 2011 holiday retail sales.


In the article, which discusses student loans and family assistance in paying for college tuition, Mr. Spielman says, “It’s a question of family fairness.”


Ronald Friedman, Assurance Services Partner, was interviewed on “The Hays Advantage” on Bloomberg Radio regarding the October retail sales numbers and his outlook for holiday sales.


In the article, Mr. Perry said, "Doing away with the AMT would require replacing a lot of lost tax revenue by increasing regular taxes." Additionally, Mr. Perry said, "Asking certain Americans, probably more of the lower to middle income, to make up for the shortfall, would be political suicide."


In the article, Mr. Friedman said. “a lot of owned real estate properties may go to paying back creditors.”


In the article Mr. Perry said, "And when the tax code changes, there are no blanket "right" or "wrong" steps to take."


In the article, Mr. Weiner said, "There's a permanent reduction in the workforce, due to productivity gains. There will be no short term reduction in unemployment. In a fiercely competitive sector, productivity and revenue among mid-sized companies are making headcount a secondary consideration, because a lower headcount hasn't meant a lower bottom line."


In the article, Mr. Friedman said shoppers are buying online more than ever before. Online sales are expected to improve at name retailers, such as Macy's (NYSE: M) and Nordstrom and other stores that have brands that people know.


Mr. Perry discussed how doing away with the mortgage interest deduction will not only have a negative impact on high-income and middle-income homeowners, but could be detrimental to the housing market.


Joseph Perry, Partner-in-Charge of Tax and Business Services at Marcum LLP, was interviewed on LIVE regarding the impact of President Obama’s proposed deficit reduction plan.


The article reflects on Jeffrey’s accounting career and his community involvement and non-profit endeavors.


In the article, Mr. Bukzin comments on the slowed pace of Chinese firms going public in the United States.


In the article, Mr. Weiner says “There are not many PCAOB-registered audit firms qualified to meet the unique needs and partner-level attention required by America’s mid- and large-cap companies. Mandating ‘term limits’ for audit firms will lead to higher upfront costs for companies due to the time required to screen new firms as well as for the firm selected to get up to speed with a company’s operations/financial systems and to create new audit files.”


In the article, Mr. Friedman comments on JC Penney's fiscal second-quarter earnings. He says "When you realize the sales are going to be somewhat soft, then expense cuts are the necessary adjustment to maintain profitability."


In the article, Mr. Spielman comments on choosing the appropriate legal structure and location. He says to make sure your company has the requisite license, permits, and tax registrations in place.


In the article, Ms. Lamplough says "IFRS is on the SEC's burner, but not the same burner that [former SEC Chairman] Christopher Cox had it on."


Your universe in these large, multinational companies gets limited, said Jeffrey Weiner, managing partner at accounting firm Marcum LLP. "There could be issues of lack of choice, and mandatory firm rotation might be difficult."


Robert Spielman, Tax & Business Partner, was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article "Out-of-Staters Handed Tax Setback."


David First, Tax & Business Services Partner, was quoted in the article “A GRAT Opportunity: Taking Advantage of Low July 2011 AFRs.”


In the article, Mr. Weiner says “The most important thing is to try to get it right, so the fact that it’s being delayed is not surprising.”


In the article, Ms. McDonagh says the sudden ability to move as much as $5 million into such vehicles (and the fact that these trusts eventually could be curtailed, as the Obama administration is proposing) has clients lining up to draft dynasty paperwork.


According to a January 2010 study by the Government Accountability Office, 68 percent of S corporation returns filed for tax years 2003 and 2004 (the years data were available) misreported at least one item. Following are five tips to help you bypass the scrutiny of an IRS audit and effectively plan and implement an efficient tax strategy for your business this year.


In the article, Mr. Spielman says the bill was a good start toward clarifying and correcting the intent of the state's existing law.


Seeking help as the tax deadline approaches, New Yorkers flooded the Daily News Tax Hotline again Wednesday.


Now that Illinois has passed a law to collect sales taxes on items bought over the Internet, other states and big retailers are watching for the impact on other parts of the country.


Tax credits available to first-time and repeat homebuyers spurred many across the country to purchase houses early last year, giving the otherwise sluggish housing market a temporary boost, and financial experts are reminding taxpayers that this is the time many should be claiming the credit when filing 2010 returns.


New York tax authorities have identified a potentially lucrative source of income: out-of-state residents who buy New York homes for their relatives.


A move to adopt global accounting standards could hit small businesses in New Jersey and the rest of the nation in the wallet, insiders said.


The highlight of my career was when I was presented with the opportunity to head up the Boston office for Marcum. Boston is a great city and we have a great team here. The opportunity to be a key part of our growth and success in the marketplace was and continues to be a highlight for me.


With New York state buckling under severe financial stress, Albany is finding new ways to boost revenue through court decisions and new requirements on tax filings.


Not only does Gov. Jerry Brown want to eliminate enterprise zones, he wants to kill more than $900 million in tax credits that have been banked by thousands of companies in California – including hundreds in Los Angeles County’s eight enterprise zones.


The goal of living with comfort and dignity in our final years has been shaken by some rude economic information.


There is both good and bad news in the market for Chinese private companies who are planning to go public in the U.S. stock market. On one hand, the number and the size of IPOs have reached the highest level in history.


Tax season is high time for almost all main street CPA firms. It is the most productive time of the year. Gearing up for tax season is a matter of having all the right personnel in place as well as flex time and tax season-only professionals and para-professionals to assist with the heavy volume of traffic.





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