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No. 27-3, 2019

No matter your specialty or line of business, in the end, it’s all the “people” business. With that in mind, this most recent Contractor Compensation Quarterly takes a deeper look into Craft workers and the trends in their wages. 

In a nutshell, wages are climbing and their future trajectory is yet unknown. The trades have always played a vital role in our nation’s economy and they demand our attention as both business owners and community members. As we invest in our shops let’s also look for chances to invest in our future by supporting trade education and continuing skill acquisition by our young people and not-soyoung, alike.

Merit Shop Contractors 2018 and 2019
Merit Shop contractors anticipate skilled craft hourly wage increases of 3.41% in 2019 (3.49% excluding zeros). Actual increases for 2018 were 3.28% (including zeros) and 3.48% (excluding zeros). These increases are across the board for all craft, contractor types, sizes, and regions of the country. WorldatWork reports 2019 actual construction increases at 3.7% for Nonexempt Hourly Non-union positions.

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No. 27-2, 2019

With labor being one of the greatest challenges for construction contractors, having statistical information by classifications will help keep you competitive in the market and attract the best talent.

This quarter, we look at national bonuses and incentives, with a focus on the Chief Estimator position. In my view, this information is a critical element to create a best-in-class contractor with the best-in-class talent.

Why we monitor trends

All surveys are a snapshot in time. Taking just one number from a survey every couple of years isn’t the best practice. Because contractors may grant special increases during the year, or the mix of survey participants change, or an annual increase was delayed a month, or for a host of other reasons, it’s important to monitor changes over time. We do this to help interpret the peaks, plateaus, and establish trends in the survey data.

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No. 27-1, 2019

The Contractor Compensation Quarterly (CCQ) is especially designed for the busy construction executive that needs to keep abreast of competitive compensation and benefit levels within the industry.

The acquisition and retention of skilled and qualified personnel, at all levels, is undeniably one of managements greatest challenges right now. Making it even more difficult, it certainly appears that the demand for talented people is greater than the available supply.

What can a business leader do?

We feel that good data may be the key to winning the right hire and conquering that challenge. By setting the correct, research-based salary levels you may just gain the competitive edge you need. Of course, there is more to hiring and retaining talent than just dollars and cents (e.g. advancement opportunities, training, corporate culture) but you do first need to get them in the door. To that end, I hope that you find this PAS Contractor Compensation Quarterly helpful and we always welcome your feedback.

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